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I was cleaning up some stuff today and came across an old picture that was taken of Jaynee and I when we were down visiting her family in Virginia several years ago. Let’s just say that many of us have either trimmed down or bulked up since this photo was taken. You decide who has done what. Let’s see if sis-in-law lets this pic stay up.

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  1. Thanks, but I haven’t lost any weight since then. I lost the unflattering dress. =)

    My hair is longer, maybe a little blonder. No other changes, really.

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  3. This picture was taken years ago. I know you’ve lost weight since then. You definitely look thinner now. Plus, that dress was way unflattering. Glad you ditched it.

  4. Jen – Denis taught me this trick a couple weeks ago. MAke sure you stand BEHIND everyone else…whatever is closest to the camera looks twice as big as what is behind it.

  5. Good advice, Jaynee, I’ll remember that next time you’re trying to hide behind me. =)

    I’m telling you that I weigh the same today that I did in that picture. I lose and gain about 5 pounds every once in a while (and I did lose about 14 earlier this year, which I gained back). But I’ve weighed the same for about 8-10 years now. Of course, as you get older stuff starts moving (usually downward), so maybe that’s why you think I’m thinner. Who knows?

  6. Yes, plus you can hide a lot of weight if you are ducking behind others or objects. You only look twice as big up front if you are shooting with a wide angle lens.

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