Old Cootiehog Is Back

Well, after some more tweaking we got our old look back. You Cootiehog purists are probably thrilled about that. If one more person told me they hated the green I was gonna go postal.

I also upped the font size because someone *looks pointedly at Mare-Bear who has her computer set to the smallest font size possible* complained that they couldn’t read the posts very well.

So ya happy now?

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  1. Um, new complaint and I know you’re still working on it, but it’s hard to read the comments over the busy background. I’m just sayin’.

  2. Can we have the font a little smaller? And how about a sort of dull green background?

    (Just being a contrarian…)

    It does look nice.

  3. Yep …. felt the pointed stare digging a hole into my back late yesterday *lol*!!!


    I no longer have to squint (and obviously I was not the only one who had a complain about the font size *breathes sigh*)

  4. So funny, we are all afraid of Jaynee. I don’t think she knows that. Everyone was thinking that the font was too small, too difficult to read, the background was ugly, but none of us — including me — wanted to tell her because we are afraid of what she might say to us. *lol* I think that tells you something. This is just a web site honey, and we all love you. Don’t take everything too personally. Now that I’ve said that I have to learn to do the same. *lol*

  5. The missing lines are back. They are missing both on the main page and in the comments. Just though you’d want to know.

  6. Hmmm – Guess that says a lot about me then – As soon as I logged on to Cootiehog and saw the new set-up, I emailed Jane straight away with my complaints of (a) not being able to read it and (b) my dislike of the green color …. a few days later – Voila !! Everything has returned to its former glory !!

    Afraid of Jane ? Me ? Nah !!!!

  7. dear sir,i wanted to change my yahoo background but i did’nt like it now i don’t know how to get back to the old one (it was seashells with blue background. thank you for your help peggy allen

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