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I know I said I’d never post about my job again, but I have to post this one thing from today. It’s so great to work in a place that gives immediately feedback on what you do. It’s a refreshing change of atmosphere. While I enjoyed working at The Firm it took a while for me to settle in there and get to know people. I mean, I didn’t really talk to L-Train or Nic until I had been there 4-6 months! People were friendly, but they weren’t FRIENDS.

Well, I’ve only been in the new job for two weeks and I already love everyone I’ve met. The coordinators I support are so appreciative of what I do and are quick to tell me as much. I sent an email to one today saying the auto shop called and that her car was ready, and she wrote me back a few minutes later and told me I was the bomb. For passing along a note about a phone call! I took minutes at a meeting last week and one of the people that missed the meeting sent me an email letting me know she thought my minutes were fantastic and were in such great detail that she felt she had attended the meeting! And my co-admin has been nothing but sweet, and every morning has told me how glad she is to have me there.

Talk about an amazing environment! It just blows my mind and (sort of) makes up for the lack in pay. I’m really enjoying the job now that I’m getting into the day to day aspect of it. And now that they know I can handle whatever they throw at me, boy are they throwing things! I’ve taken over so many duties, with more coming next week, that I predict by January 1, I will have freed up so much time for the coordinators that they’ll wonder how to fill up their day! And that’s the very reason I was hired. I predict my 90 day review is going to be nothing short of glowing!

Today at work I volunteered to do a task that I can’t believe hasn’t been done EVER before. It’s such a simple and obvious thing to do, but no one had ever done it. I mentioned the idea to one of my coordinators and he said to go for it, and helped me get the supplies I’d need. I got started and about an hour later my main boss saw what I had started doing and said, “If there ever was such a thing as ‘job security,’ then trust me – given how much you’ve done for us in the past two weeks, you TOTALLY have it. We’re not letting you go ANYwhere, EVER.” That was nice to hear and made my day.

So yeah, it continues to go really well.

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