Oh The Things of Which We Speak

So, I was interviewed today. I’m a regular Dooce (only without the being famously fired for blogging). I was discovered via KateSpot’s blog (she’s also being interviewed). The person clicked into Cootiehog via KateSpot and I guess I was interesting enough to warrant a call.

She was fun to talk to (although she needs to get a Tivo and start watching “Lost” stat!). We spoke for about 10-15 minutes about the vagaries of blogging and my life. She told me that when she was researching blogs earlier today she printed a couple pages from here and someone asked if Cootiehog was p()rn. I laughed at that. Cootiehog = p()rn? Not quite! And if someone was looking for p()rn using the term Cootiehog, then what kind of p()rn is that? People sitting around naked watching American Idol and The Amazing Race?

Anyway, pretty exciting stuff. I made sure to give props to my peeps (read: my sister) when I could.

So yeah, I’ll let you know what happens will follow-up with when the story takes flight.

Edited to take out specifics until the story goes public.

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  1. And you know the camera adds 10 pounds…and having the house ready for prime time! What stress!

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