Oh Narnia, Oh Narnia

A few weeks ago the kids had a book fair at their school. We were allowed to order online, of which I totally took advantage. Cootieboy’s books arrived a couple days ago. I admit that I ordered something for myself: the complete Chronicles of Narnia. It’s a miracle that I’ve gotten to the age of 40 without reading those books, much less owning them. CB’s book fair was offering the complete boxed set of paperbacks for only $20. I couldn’t resist!

When the books arrived on Tuesday (CB ordered a Spongebob joke book (I know *hanging head in shame*) and a book about a car race inside a volcano), he expressed an interest in reading “the lion Narnia books,” as he called them. I made him read the car race book on Tuesday night since it was a Level 1 book that he could read aloud to me on his own. Then last night he asked again about the Narnia books. So I plucked “The Magician’s Nephew” from the shelf and began reading Chapter 1 (yes, we’re going to read them in *that* order). I warned him up front that the book was NOT a picture book, and so he’d have to listen to me read and picture the story in his own head. He’s only 5 1/2, so I wasn’t sure how interested he’d still be in the book by the time I got to page 2 since there were no pictures.

But I shouldn’t have doubted him. I read all of Chapter 1 and he really enjoyed it, asking questions at the end about where Polly went and whether Uncle Andrew was a good man or a bad man. So he completely paid attention and said he wanted to hear Chapter 2 tonight. I’m ticked pink that we get to read the stories together since the story is brand new to me, too (well, not “LWW” and “Prince Caspian” since I’ve seen those movies).

And while we read that one at night, during the day I will be listening to “The Help.” I’m only two chapters in and I already LOVE this book.

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  1. That’s fantastic! He’ll learn the REASON for reading, to get the story and the mental images, that way. He’s a very, very smart boy! (You can tell him I said so, too.)

  2. We read Chapter 2 last night – I was worried he may get bored because nothing actually HAPPENED in that chapter (Digory merely gets angry as Uncle Andrew tells about his experiment). But he listened intently the whole time and is excited to read Chapter 3 tonight (since Digory touched the yellow ring at the end of the chapter).

  3. I loved reading those books to my kids!! How neat that he’s only 5 and enjoying them. I haven’t even thought about reading them to my 6yo…

  4. Kelly – after Chapter 3 last night he said he wanted to begin “LWW.” I explained that’s not how chapter book works, especially when they are part of a series. So I don’t know how much longer he’ll last with “The Magician’s Nephew.” We’ll see…

  5. Such a smart boy ~ he may be an auditory learner. Has CG expressed an interest in the book at all or an interest in reading for herself? Does Denis read to her?

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