Oh My!

One of the things we’ve wanted to do for a long time is fix up the front yard. Our postage-stamp of a lawn changed from grass to clover last year and while it was a nice shade of green it was horrible close up. Our front yard is only 20×20, so we knew we could afford sod but just never got around to doing it.

Well, with sod finally being delivered later this week Denis got to work yesterday and dug up 1/3 of the lawn to get ready. I didn’t even notice it at first when I got home. I was perusing my strip of daffodils and tulips to see if I needed to deadhead any of them, and suddenly I realized that just behind the flowerbed it was all dirt!

In other news, this morning as I was leaving for work Denis got a call from the glass company – our kitchen pane came in AND they had a cancellation today which means our kitchen window will be replaced this afternoon instead of next week! That is an unexpected good thing – right now we have a flap of plastic up to prevent the current cracked-in-a-million-pieces-but-still-in-the-frame glass from falling into our kitchen sink.

Update at 11:45 a.m.: Kitchen window is officially fixed! YAY! No potential leaks with the upcoming rain we’re expecting this weekend!

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  1. We have a beautiful patch of clover in our front yard. And we’re overrun with weeds. I’m sure our neighbors are horrified. The shame is that we inherited that mess from the previous renters.

    I’m planning to call the management company about the back, since they were going to landscape after taking out the stump last fall. I guess I’ll ask about the front, too.

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