Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

So this morning I was ready for a work a bit early and decided to help Denis by taking Cooper for his morning walk. He finished his business and I turned around to head for home. I got one house away and suddenly tripped. The sidewalk had become uneven and my toe caught and I went flying. I managed to keep a grip on Cooper’s leash but took a header, landing half in the neighbor’s driveway and half in his lawn.

Fortunately it was 7:15 a.m. in the morning so no one was out and about to witness my complete lack of grace as I limped the remaining 50 feet to my house.

So I’m at my desk now, and my knee is a bit swollen and stiff, and my muscles are a bit sore from trying to keep from falling. And in my embarrassment I forgot to put my makeup bag in my purse, so today I’ll be sans makeup at work. Fortunately no clients are coming in, so it won’t be too bad.

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  1. *doh!

    That is terrible. Keep it iced and I hope you feel better. You know, this happened to my Grandmother a few (10) yrs back and the she complained to the city and to make a long story short, they settled out of court I beleive.

  2. Aw, poor thing! Ace had good advice ~ put some ice on your wounds. I did that once when we first got Harry ~ took a header onto the sidewalk scrapping my knees and hands and letting go of the leash. All I could manage to say was a very weak, “Harry, come back,” and he did! Fortunately, it was dark so no one saw my graceful fall.

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