Oh Crap

Okay, so my family is coming this weekend for a trifecta celebration – CootieGirl’s second birthday, CootieBoy’s dedication at church and Denis’ 39th birthday.

Side note: I just had to ask Mary how old I was because I have no clue. Seriously. That’s not a joke. I couldn’t remember if I was 35 or 36 (for the record, I think I’m 35).

My sister just informed me that they’ll be arriving at my house at around 11 a.m. tomorrow morning. That means there is a LOT to do tonight at my house. What sucks the most is that I’ve been up since 4:16 a.m. because CootieGirl woke up in a panic at that time and refused to be anywhere but in our bed. I don’t remember what time she finally let me pass out and get a bit more sleep before getting up for work.

So tonight:
1) Clean bathrooms
2) Wash sheets
3) Vacuum carpets/Mop floors
4) Clean up dining room table
5) Clean up living room
6) Clean up guest room
7) Clean up CootieGirl’s room (that’s where Jen sleeps)

Tomorrow morning I have Synergy from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. so I can’t wait and do it tomorrow – it HAS to get done tonight. And it can’t really get started until after 8 p.m. when the kids are in bed.

It’s gonna be a LONG night…

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