Off To Market

Today I had a craft market here in Fort Mill and it was good for a couple reasons.

1) I made a sale. WOO HOO!
2) I had a custom order request for not one but TWO children’s blankets.

So yay for that!

It was also fun because of the vendors I was next to – they were great women and I had fun talking with them all day. It’s always nice to be placed next to people you actually LIKE talking to.

That was my only craft market I’ll be doing this holiday season. I got lots of nice feedback on my blankets and at least a dozen people took my card after inquiring about custom orders. So hopefully one or two of those folks will actually look up my website and contact me about making a blanket for them.

I was able to refrain from spending money myself (always hard at vendor markets). The only money I spent was on a cup of hot chocolate from the chocolate shop that had a booth next to mine.

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