NOW It’s a Vacation

So we’ve been in talks with some of the single women in our church and three of them have decided to take care of our kids while we’re in vacation in November. For a couple months we’ve been talking about having the gals take care of the kids (and they’ve said they’d consider it), and last week I sent them all an email outlining what the basic daily schedule would be for the ten days we’re gone. It’s actually relative simple: during the week they’ll be in daycare so it’s the weekends that will really be busy and occupied.

The girls said they’d do it, and after brief discussion tonight I just sent an email accepting their “offer” to take care of the house, kids and animals. I’m thrilled – it means that Denis and I will have complete flexibility during our vacation to come and go as we please, and best of all: completely relax and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s just what we need because once we’re back from vacation we have Thanksgiving, two weddings, a White Elephant party and Christmas to deal with. The vacation will be at the perfect time, really!

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