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So today after church I was sitting at home chilling out and catching up on my Tivo’d shows, and at 1:30 p.m. our doorbell rings. I open the door and there standing before me are three older kids dressed in costumes. “Trick or treat!” they chorused.

I asked, “Aren’t you out a bit early?”

“Nah,” replied the vampire, “it’s a Sunday so we have to be done early cuz of school.”

“Early, sure, but 1:30?” I answered. I told them to wait at the door, as we hadn’t even pulled out our candy yet. I quickly dumped our one large bag into a bowl and then passed out pieces to the three kids and sent them on their way. I mentioned it to Denis, who was also surprised they got such an early start.

Then a few minutes later I look out our window and there are DOZENS and DOZENS of kids roaming the neighborhood in costume. And I knew immediately that our one paltry bag of candy was not going to cut it.

You see, in 2001 Halloween was a bust here in NoNJ because of 9/11. Then in 2002 we figured we’d have a plethora of kids since we live next to an elementary school, but we only had about a dozen kids. Ditto for last year. But this year we found out why: most kids do their trick-or-treating right after school – which is when Denis and I were at work. So we only got the dozen or so kids that treat-or-treated after 7 p.m., when we get home. But the frenzy we had this afternoon – is it a Jersey thing, this not trick-or-treating at night? Or does everyone everywhere do it during the day now?

As predicted, our candy disappeared quickly, and we ended up breaking into our own private candy stash to give to the kids still out asking for candy. Most kids were in boring costumes, but I did beg to take the picture of one kid dressed as Fat Elvis, which was hysterical.

As for CootieGirl, since she’s so young and has no concept of Halloween, she did the church’s trunk-or-treat (our alternative to trick-or-treating) in her church outfit, which we dubbed her “Jackie O suit”. She raked in some candy. And yes, some of that candy went to the kids coming to our house.

What? She’ll never know.

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  1. The kids in NJ are Crazy for Halloween! Anthony and I were out of the house yesterday morning by 9AM. We thought we would take advantage of the beautiful day and do a bit of “indoor” shopping.

    Anyway, there we kids in Costume running down the street at 9AM doing a bit of Trick-or-Treating. We received about 20 kids in all, but we didn’t get home until well after 5PM. So there could have been more thoughtout the day. Lets just say, we bought 12 bags of Candy and have about 9 left. You couldn’t have asked for a better day yesterday for going “Trick-or-Treating”.

    I didn’t see any costume’s that I thought were outstanding. One costume that did stick out was a boy with a Long Bright Yellow wig on and a Phantom of the Opera Mask? Who knew.

  2. Well they made the kids here go trick or treating on Saturday, we started about 6:30 did okay. There were many trick or treaters out and even less people with all important “porch light” blazing to inform everyone they were giving out candy. Some just left a bowl full of candy on their porch with a note,

    “Please take 1 big and 2 small pieces.”

    I think my daughter’s dad and I were the adults in costume with our kids. Halloween has really gone downhill since we were kids, and that wasn’t too long ago

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