Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Busy day at work today so there will be practically no posting today. I don’t really have much to share, anyway.

CNN story will air next week – haven’t heard when yet.

I finally recovered from Tae Bo – get to do it all again tomorrow morning.

Got a mostly good night’s sleep despite CootieBoy waking up again at 2:00 a.m. Denis took care of him, though, so I was able to go back to sleep.

I’m wearing a scarf at work today. Anyone who knows me at all knows that’s completely hilarious because I’m very anti-scarves for the most part. I own four of them and almost never use them.

I’m not doing well in the office basketball pool this year. My boss was happy to point out that both of the Cooties are near the bottom of the pack after the first day’s games (he’s always convinced the fix is in because I run the pool and am usually in the top five every year).

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