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Sorry for the lack of posting today, but I’ve not got much to say. Mr. BIL is out today but I’ve been able to clear a few things off my desk while enjoying the uninterrupted time. He claimed he’d be in about an hour ago, but I have yet to see him. I admit I’ll be a bit ticked if he comes waltzing in here at 5:30 p.m. expecting to get something out by 6:30 p.m.!

The fish are continuing to do well in the tank. I’ve determined that I need a smaller filter. The one I have is really for a bigger tank, and the second one that was given to me is just WAY too dirty and despite vigorous cleaning last night I don’t think I trust using it. So tonight I’ll take CB with me to the fish store to pick up a filter. I’m also going to pick up a live plant to put in the tank. This will help with various issues including growing proper bacteria for the fish as well as providing cover for Mami Gourami when she wants to hide out.


I started this post two hours ago and got sidetracked with work. It’s now 5:30 p.m. and sure enough, Mr. BIL walked in 30 minutes ago and decided to get a couple things out tonight. Grrr….. Those are done, and I’m hoping that once he’s done checking voicemail and emails that he’ll head out for the evening.

In CootieGirl news, we’ve decided to start letting her earn an allowance. She has a responsibility chart in her room, and earns checkmarks throughout the week. She has the ability to earn up to 140 checkmarks. Each one she earns is worth 5 cents. So she has the capability to earn $7/week, but could earn as low as $1/week if she has a particularly bad week of misbehaving. Checkmarks cannot be taken AWAY from her once she earns them. It’s not like my job takes away some of my paycheck if I don’t meet a deadline. So she won’t lose what she has earned either.

And to get her started early, I’ve already told her that she’ll be tithing 10% automatically at church on Sundays, and that 20% of her earnings go into savings. The remaining 70% are hers and she can do WHATEVER she wants with that money. Candy, gumball machines – I don’t care. It’s hers. As long as the 10% and 20% are done first before she spends a dime. My hope is that by starting this habit NOW it’s one that will continue through to adulthood so that she can be more of a saver than I ever have been. She loves her responsibility chart and every night we faithfully mark down the things she has done that day (anything from making the bed to sharing with her brother, from doing her homework to brushing her teeth, from picking up her toys to eating all her dinner). As she gets older, the funds will increase as will the responsibilities. At some point we’ll probably switch to pure wage-earning for things like mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage, etc. I plan on starting the same plan with CootieBoy when he’s around the same age.

That’s it for now. Long day. Ready to go home.

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