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I’ve had absolutely nothing to say today, thus the non-posting. Work is blissfully quiet this week – the lull before the mass mailing storm. The brochure that I worked so hard on was finally delivered today which means that once my boss gets back from his conference he’ll start going through his contacts in preparation of mailing out about 1,000 or so copies. Oh joy. I must say though – the report looks good. No glaring errors of any kind (at least, none that have been brought to my attention).

In the downtime I’m looking at the future – the future in SC, specifically. I’ve actually found some production home builders in the Fort Mill area that look promising as far as decent home plans for the $$. If I were to go with a production home builder it would be at Lake Wylie so we could be on a waterfront. I actually saw an ad today for 5.96 acres that had 350+ feet of waterfront on the lake – can’t remember the exact price but it was really reasonable!

Why oh why can’t we move NOW????

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  1. Jaynee, I have been reading your site for a while now and I wanted to let you know I live in Tega Cay, SC which is about 2 miles from Fort Mill. I really like it here. Have lived in this area (Charlotte)all of my life. Let me know if you have any questions about the area.

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  1. Apparently, CootieGirl didn’t have much to say either during this photo shoot.

    Last night was a little rough. Jaynee took the midnight-ish feeding. I slept through that. I’m about to get my times wrong, but Jaynee was up for two hours in the middle of the night, feeding (I think) and trying to get the baby back to sleep.

    She eventually gave up and I woke up when I finally heard the cries. I went in to settle her. Took her in my arms, sat in the rocking chair for a few minutes, she passed out and I layed her back in the crib, rubbed her chest for 30 seconds and she was out like a light and stayed that way until 5:30 and her next feeding.

    She only took two ounces for me and went right back to sleep in my arms. Could not get her up, much less get her to suck on a bottle. Jaynee eventually got up at the time I had to hop in the shower and finished off the feeding. Hopefully she had better luck getting her back to sleep this time. I had to leave for work before then.

    O has been letting out a loud whine before she goes into her cries now. Jaynee says it’s an attention getter. I say she’s a little pitchy, a la AI2’s Randy Jackson.

  2. you just described your precious daughter’s cries using AI2 terminology…. I no longer feel guilty at all for constantly checking your blog for your take on AI2 episodes! I mean, I was feeling guilty with the new baby and all, but now I know you are just as addicted as I am!

  3. Jaynee hasn’t hopped on Cootiehog very much. Like her sister, she said last night that she didn’t have much to say. She really didn’t have that much to say for the previous 12 months but that didn’t stop her from posting hundreds of comments. I think she’s anti-Cootie. That’s going to be my new web site And how is Loud Auntie Lori? Baby needs some monotone opera.

  4. Marmie’s in serious withdrawal over CootieGirl. Keep those pictures coming! I don’t want to miss one little change. I love my little Cootiepie!

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