Nothing This Week

So this week on South Beach I haven’t lost anything. 6.5 lbs last week, this week: nothing. Kind of depressing, but hey – I’m stil down 6.5 pounds which is nothing to sneeze at. If I can lose at least one pound by Monday I’ll be happy with Phase 1’s results.

On Monday begins Phase 2, during which I’m allowed whole grains and some fruits in moderation – I’ll be happy to have those back in my daily diet. I’m still averaging about 1200 calories a day which I just don’t think is enough. According to I’m eating an even amount of fat and protein – about 45% of each, with the remaining 10% going to carbs. I’d like to increase the proteins over the fats and have asked Denis to start preparing more seafood than red meat over the next week or so.

Today for lunch it’s pizza day, but I spent my own money and ordered in. I’m having an 3-egg white omelette with salmon, scallions and low-fat cheese with a side of steamed brocolli. It comes with a slice of whole wheat toast which I will probably eat since I’m in need of some fiber.

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  1. More seafood it is. What can I buy?

    What else?

    I like swordfish. Very meaty. I also like monk fish and catfish.

  2. Salmon

    pretty much any seafood that you know I like, I can have. Seafood is allowed with no limits! :up:

  3. I have cut back on my salmon consumption because it is so fatty. The key to my losing weight is lower fat and less sugar. So, most of my protein comes from the grains, egg substitute and lots of chicken.

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