Note to Self: Next Time, Read the Directions

Okay, so I color my hair a lot. Basically since I turned 16 I have colored my hair on a regular basis. And at least 95% of the time I do it myself because I couldn’t be bothered to pay $100 when I can pay $10 or less. :whatever: Only ONE TIME in the past twenty years of coloring my hair myself has it gone awry, and the main reason was because I had dyed it dark one week and the following week went blonde – my hair freaked and turned grey. However, my mom actually liked that greyish blonde look despite it being an accident.

I take great pride in the fact that I dye my hair myself and never have a problem.

Well, uh, Redken, we have a problem. On my way home from getting my hair cut I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a box of Feria Extra Bleach Blonde. And since I’ve been coloring hair for 20 years I didn’t read the directions because by now I should know what I’m doing.

Yeah. Big mistake. Because instead of being a ONE STEP process, this new Extra Bleach Blonde product by Feria is actually a TWO STEP process. :banghead: They wanted me to put 2/3rd of the mixture on all of my hair except 1 inch from the roots and let it sit for 20 minutes, THEN add the remaining 1/3 to my roots and wait another 20 minutes, then I can take it out or leave it for an additional 5-20 minutes depending on how blonde I want it.

So I get ALL of the mix on MY ENTIRE HEAD. As I’m throwing all the stuff away I look in the mirror and see that my roots are already SUPER blonde. And by super-blonde I mean Marilyn Monroe Blonde. The rest of my hair? Still dark. Uhhhh. :crazy:

I’m going to leave it on. It’s been about 15 minutes now. The good thing is that it’s only FRIDAY so I have two days to fix whatever I may do to my hair before I show up at my NEW JOB on Monday. And I’m pretty flexible about hair – I’ve never cried over a bad haircut or a weird dyejob (that includes the green streak I had on black hair back in college).

I’ll definitely have Denis take a picture of the actual result I get today – I wonder if I’ll end up with white roots and not-so-white remainder of my hair. We’ll see. :pray:

So in the pictures above, you can’t quite see how WHITE my roots are (and yes, they are WHITE). The picture on the right makes it seems as though my hair has an all over honey glow to it – so not true. My roots are a yellowish white and the remainder of my hair is honey red blonde. VERY unnatural. Not that bleach blonde is ever natural unless you’re an albino (and while I have no tan I am NOT an albino). If the roots weren’t so much more lighter than the rest I wouldn’t care. But it’s drastically different. Like punk rock different. And while I know that my OLD job would just shake their heads and say, “Boy that Jaynee is a wacky one with the hair coloring,” I can’t help but think it’s a bit much for The Company. :ohmy:

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  1. One time I went from red to black to blonde… Well, it turned to literal mush and I had to shave it off. That was an interesting day.

  2. Love the cut AND color in the second shot! :up: The lighting is odd in the first shot and the roots do look a little lighter there, but maybe it’s just the lighting. Anyway, directions are for babies. Looks great from 1500 miles away!

  3. I will attest to the fact that her hair was a :censored: debacle on Saturday. I was impressed with the second picture because it didn’t really look like that.

    We tried to tone it down a bit with a new batch of hair color. I would love to see what it looks like after two days of it being on. Maybe Denis can post an updated picture.

    Side Note: Good luck with your first day on the job!

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