Note to Self: Never Play Scrabble with Ace Again

Had a good weekend, folks. Hope you did too. On Saturday we went to Costco and spend tons of money on bulk products. We happily plunked down money for a 228-count box of size one Huggies diapers. That’ll last us about 40 days, according to most preggers websites. I may ask Denis to buy another box in the next couple months so we have 80 days on hand. =)

Ace and Anthony came over on Sunday for “game day” – we played some awful Movie Mania game that took forever because they asked questions about stupid obscure straight-to-video movies like Voodoo, starring Jack Nance. In any case, Anthony and I teamed up and eventually won the game. Yay for us.

Then we played Scrabble, which should have been a quick game with four people playing. Alas, since we were playing with Ace, it turned out to be one of the longest games in history because everytime it was Ace’s turn he took at least fifteen minutes just to stare vacantly at the board. Then another five to decide which 10-point word he was going to play.

In the end, Denis won, with me in second, then Ace, and then Anthony. But Anthony played quite well, considering he had never played Scrabble before. I was in last place until my last turn when I used my last letter, at which point I got all the points left on the other player’s racks, and they also got their points removed from their scores. Thanks to that, I moved from fourth to second. I’ll take it!

And may I say that Alias rocked last night. I love Marshall. And I’m thrilled that this week contains a new Buffy episode, the finale of Amazing Race, and the finale of Survivor. I’m in TV heaven…

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  1. Alias: Good stuff!

    TAR3 Finale: Go Oh Brother!

    Survivor Finale: Meh…

    Repeat Week: Double Meh…

    At least 24 is a new episode this week. And I have the whole Taken miniseries on tape, so I can always watch that.

  2. I can’t wait for tomorrow night and the TAR finale. If the brothers don’t win I’ll be VERY disappointed.

    You might want to hold off on buying more size 1 diapers. A lot of kids outgrow them very quickly — my kid among them. She was in newborn size clothing and newborn diapers for about 2 weeks before she outgrew ’em. Now size 3 diapers are a different story — she’s been wearing them for a year now. Just thought I’d impart some BTDT wisdom. 🙂

  3. Shana, I tend to agree with you about the baby outgrowing the size 1 diapers quicker than we think. This kid is going to take after me and he or she is going to know how to eat. *lol* If we see we are running low, and the kid still fits in them, I can always run over to Costco to buy another box. Jaynee is really all about this baby right now.

  4. Shana – thanks for the word on diapers. I knew we’d be okay with one box, and am also tempted to go ahead and get a box of size 2 just so that we’re ready for those, too. We’ll see….

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