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Please note that it is 6:48 a.m. And please note that I’ve actually been up since 5:08 a.m. Why? CootieGirl. She’s a menace. In between each phrase I’m typing I have to chase her around this basement to make sure she doesn’t touch/play with things …

AND SHE JUST BROKE SOMETHING! I’m so angry with her. I had her settled and playing with HER things and she ran to my dad’s shelves and picked up this ceramic pipe thing. I asked her to put it back and instead of doing that she ran off laughing. I followed behind her and before I could get it back she proceeded to slam it against the ground – and the pipe broke in half.

I ask her to put a baseball back in it’s place and she does it willingly, but a ceramic pipe she decides to slam against the floor. Nice.

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  1. Well, I did give her a mild swat on her diaper and told her to obey me and when I say no I mean no. She wasn’t happy about it, but she didn’t mess with the stuff on Dad’s shelves anymore at that point, so she understood what the swat was for.

  2. Good job, honey. We must be stern and consistent.

    In other news, I notice on the clock to my right, only 101 days of President Bush in office. Whoo Hoo!!! Kerry in ’04.

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