Not So Gleeful Anymore?

So we’re three episodes into “Glee” so I thought I’d report back on my thoughts. As you know, I LOVED the pilot episode, which I thought was whimsical, snarky and fun. So it was with great anticipation that I tuned in for last week’s season premiere episode.

While it had funny moments, I was more than a little disappointed. Now, I get it that sometimes the first one or two shows of the season go over the edge or pack in a lot of action to spur conversation and get more viewers. They put their most shocking bits in the first few episodes hoping that they snag enough people that they can then rest back on their laurels and have a good viewership throughout the season. A LOT of shows do that – especially the new ones. I mean, look at “Heroes” – when that show started each episode gave out SO much information that everyone was saying, “This show is WAY better than ‘Lost’ – because you find out something new every week! ‘Lost’ just keeps hiding the answers and bringing out more questions! It’s frustrating!” Well, how the tables have turned – ‘Lost’ is one of the greatest shows of all time and ‘Heroes’ has become just awful because it told the INTERESTING stories too quickly (I BARELY watch it anymore because it’s so ridiculous).

So now we have “Glee,” which had a fantastic pilot episode – a popular football player reluctantly joins glee club and finds out that he loves it. Combine it with one of the best covers of a Journey song that I’ve ever heard, and I’m sold.

But then the second episode aired. And it was OBVIOUS that the storyline was written solely to generate watercooler conversation which would result in more viewers the NEXT week. And that disappointed me greatly. But, ever hopeful, I tuned in last night. There were a couple things I liked (Jane Lynch is ALWAYS hilarious and Victor Garber can guest spot on ANY show any time he likes – he’s always wonderful. And don’t get me started on Josh Groban!), but several I didn’t (Puck’s sudden reversal on singing being just one of them – and his reason for it, Sandy being back allowed onto school grounds being another).

Was I wrong about this show? Time will tell. The show was created by the same guy that created “Nip/Tuck” – which is a show I didn’t watch and had no interest in. I just hope “Glee” can get rid of all the antics and get down to the better storytelling. Or else it’ll lose me despite having great musical numbers and lots of Broadway stars coming around to guest star.

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