Not Short Enough

Got my hair cut yesterday, but it’s still not quite right, so I’ll go back this week and have her cut a bit more off in the back around the crown of my head and also a bit more on the top. It needs to be about half the length it is now.

But for a first pass through, it’s decent enough. But if I were to leave it this length I’d have to go back every 4 weeks for a new cut – my preference is to go back every SIX weeks, thus the need to have it be a bit shorter all the way around. I want the picture posted here to be where my hair is at the 6-week point – still cute and workable.

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  1. Holy crap! My hair was exactly like that about six months ago!!!!!! You look great [and I’m not just saying that because I used to look just like that. *grin*]!

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