Not Quite Nesting

I was accused of nesting yesterday, now that we’re in the final 5 weeks of my pregnancy. However, I’m not nesting so much as panicking that we have a lot of projects around the house that have to get done.

The good news: our kitchen cabinets are officially INSTALLED and look fabulous. All that’s left is to drill the handles into the doors. The funny thing is that now that they are installed and we can use them, we’re kind of at a loss as to HOW to use them. I started moving things around yesterday and realized that I had no clue how to reorganize the kitchen, so I stopped and will leave it to Denis, who uses the kitchen more than I do. And who knows – maybe when Mom comes up after CootieGirl’s arrival she’ll tackle the kitchen like she did when we first moved in.

The other good news: Thanks to a very generous gift from my office (I was astounded), I was able to CLEAR THE BABY REGISTRY this weekend. Yes, folks, CootieGirl will now have EVERYTHING an infant could possibly want. We even bought a few items that we’ll need in the future (i.e., the high chair). Suffice to say that between the Rob & Tara donations, the two showers and the company gift we have a nice cache of baby items at our disposal. Quite a relief since I was beginning to panic that we needed to get a LOT more stuff. Now we don’t need ANYTHING!

Still more good news: This could possibly go under the “nesting” category. We got CootieGirl’s closet organizer up. We bought one of those organizers from Home Depot that went up to 5′, only to find that our closet was 1.5 inches wider than 5′. ARG! Luckily, we made it work though, and it’s sturdy. At that point I rearranged some items in CootieGirl’s room and now her closet is all set with tons of baby clothes, diapers, baby wipes, blankets, and various other items all good children require.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday – I couldn’t get over how delightful it was. I was able to put Planty outside (my asparagus fern) and I swear that he grew in those 12 hours. So I put him out again to see what changes I’d get today. God bless springtime, man.

Went out to lunch yesterday with Ace, Ant’ny and Vampy, a former roommate of Ace’s. We went to Tick-Tock diner which is the best diner in our area (if not NJ itself). After that we hit the Home Depot and stocked up on stuff for future projects.

Our next “big” project is to hang the door we’re going to use as our headboard on our bed. I’ll take a picture once that is up and post it so you can check it out. I’m excited about this project as it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for almost a year.

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  1. We can work on this together. I’m open to suggestions. Remember, I’m the one who thought we didn’t need any more cabinets. *lol*

    I want to drill our pot rack into the wall but I’m not sure that I can do it without getting electrocuted or causing a fire. The backdoor door bell is a few inches from where we want to hang it. Any advice anyone?

  2. If you want to be safe rather than sorry, you could wait till Dad comes up in April to hang it, unless there is a neighbor who might know where the wiring is around that space. Step one is always to turn off ALL electricity. You may hit something but you won’t get electricuted. 😉 I thought the pot rack was going in over the sink…perhaps there isn’t enough clearance when you are working there.

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