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As a person who hopes to buy land one day and build a dream home, I’m sad to find out the Supreme Court doesn’t think I should be able to own that land forever. They think that cities should have the right of eminent domain to take my land if they want to develop it. Now, before the ruling that came down today, cities could take your land if no agreement was reached and they wanted the land for PUBLIC USE. However, the Supreme Court has now basically said, “Now we want cities to be able to take your land even if they just want to build a hotel or office complex.”

So let’s say in the next couple years Denis and I buy 10 acres of land in NC or SC – specifically for the privacy. And let’s say our town comes and says, “We want to use those three acres over there and plan on putting up a Best Western, a bank and a health club. We’ll pay $X.” I say, “Nope – I bought it, it’s mine, I’m not selling.” They counter-offer with more money, and I still say no.

Now, thanks to the Supreme Court, the city can still claim Eminent Domain and take my land – even though it’s not for public use (like a park or a school or new roads). That just screams “WRONG” to me and scares me when I think that it very well could happen if Denis and I buy any kind of significant acreage in NC/SC.

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  1. Yeah, that’s a really bad decision in a long list of bad ones this court has handed down. Talk about Big Government. Sheesh. :irked:

  2. You can thank Bush for this. Aren’t you glad you voted for him now? Bush = Big Government! No one has spent more on government than this president. Maybe one day you’ll regret wasting a vote on him.

  3. *lol* Denis, you realize the more you spout off the more people ignore you? :sarcastic:

    Bush had nothing to do with it – and it’s my understanding that the more liberal justices are the ones that passed this law. The conservative ones (except for Kennedy) dissented.

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