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So for the past couple of years Denis and I have entertained the idea of eventually moving down south – to North or South Carolina. However, our trip last week to Tennessee has us thinking that maybe NJ is a good place to be after all.

I’m sure the suburbs of Nashville and Memphis are all that and a bag of chips. Okay, well maybe the ‘burbs of Nashville (I don’t see ANYTHING good being near Memphis). But upon returning home and driving around my pleasant neighborhood, I came to the realization that I actually LIKE where I live. It may suck to commute into NYC every day, but for the most part (property taxes aside) New Jersey rocks.

So Denis and I are now considering buying land somewhere in NJ and building a house in the next 7-10 years. We obviously can’t buy land where we currently live (unless we want to pay $400,000 for a 1/4 of an acre) so we’ll be looking further out – possibly central Jersey, or even western. From the sound of it, we may buy land as soon as next summer and then once that’s paid off get started on custom home plans for our Dream House.

It was weird to begin thinking about not going south. For the past year it’s been ingrained in me to move south – it’s something I’ve wanted since Denis and I got married in 1997. But unless we take a magical long weekend next spring to Asheville, NC and end up loving it, we’ll be NJ folks for quite a long time.

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  1. My dream is still to move back to NC…probably Charlotte area. I’ve lived in the suburbs of Atlanta for nearly all my life and the suburbs of Nashville for about 3 years and of course 3 years of college in NC, and NC was by far my favorite place of them all…but I would still like to be close to the “city”.

  2. PLENTY wrong with NJ if one is driving from Woodside, Queens !!!!
    Traffic, traffic and more traffic ….. and sure if I leave at 4am in the morning, I won’t come across any traffic and it will take me approximately 5 minutes to traverse from my home to your homne *lol* !!!

    However, that been said, I must say I was EXCEEDINGLY pleased to hear that the Cooties are going to be staying close.

    I’m thinking play dates and all that good stuff in the future ?!?!?!?!