Not Gonna Work No More In 2002

I spoke with Mare-Bear yesterday and she assured me that my presence in the office was not necessary today, and told me I’d be crazy to go in. So, after much consideration (30 seconds) I opted to stay home again. Happy 2003 to me!

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  1. *huffy sigh*

    I just emailed you at work, you slug!

    I hope you enjoy your days off…email me…

    Oh, and happy new year to the Cooties. 🙂

  2. Best for 2003 to you guys !!

    J, it is totally dead in here today – You are missing NOTHING – However, a certain Barbie-Doll-Lookalike is currently interviewing with RJ …. need i say more ?!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH

  3. When i say “Barbie-Doll-Look-Alike”, I do mean just that …. brains had best be someplace within the package or MBM will be an angry irish woman

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