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This past weekend CootieGirl hit her foot on the metal bedframe in the guest room. She was keeping me company as I made a blanket and hit her foot as she was dancing around the room. At the time she hurt her foot, I saw no scrapes or scratches. However, two days later her middle toe was starting to get red and swollen. By last night, the infection had reached near the surface but I was unable to break through the skin to drain it. So we put her to bed and agreed that Denis would take her to the pediatrician this morning to have them drain it.

Good thing, too. Apparently the staph infection was starting to work its way up her leg (the pediatrician found red streaks going up her leg – I did NOT see those this morning, but then, I was half-asleep when she presented her toe for inspection). Red streaks are NOT good. They drained her toe, gave Denis a prescription for antibiotics, and sent them on their way. Denis dropped her off at school with a request to let her keep her shoe off all day, not go outside to play, and to basically stay off the foot as much as possible. Tonight when we get home we’ll start her on the antibiotic and keep an eye on her leg to make sure the red streaks don’t come back.

Poor thing. ANOTHER staph infection. And what makes this one so confusing is that I looked at her foot when she hit it and didn’t see ANY sign of a scratch or scrape. She literally just stubbed her toe on the bedframe. And yet still got an infection.

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