Not Again

Our vacuum, the vacuum I loved beyond all belief that we received back in November 2007, broke again. So Denis is on his way to Sears to turn it in (yes, it’s still under warranty). The issue is the same that happened a couple months ago – the suction tools hose continues to suck even when you’ve switched to the beater bar mode, causing the vacuum not to pick up any dirt at all. *sigh* I love our vacuum – I can’t even TELL YOU how much it cleaned up before it broke – I had to empty the canister FOUR TIMES. But as I did the upstairs hallway it began to scream in protest. I switched to suction tools only to continue doing the edges of the walls and then stopped.

I took the opportunity to clean my side of the bathroom though. I admit that I kind of let my side go for a while there, and had enough. So that’s all cleaned.

Denis made french toast cupcakes for our wine tasting party tonight with our life group. I am making the orange almond mini muffins which is one of my favorite recipes that my mom gave me a few years ago. I haven’t made it since we moved down here, and I figured it was time. They just came out of the oven and once they cool down I’ll make the glaze to drizzle over the top.

Today a kid was out selling candy in the neighborhood. He came to our house and rang the bell. Our cars were in the driveway, but I was determined NOT to answer the door. He was determined to sell candy. He stood there, in the rain, for a good five minutes, and rang our doorbell approximately four times. I finally told Denis to get it, which he did. He then proceeded to buy candy from the guy. “Why did you buy candy?” I asked Denis. “He’s persistent – I like that,” came Denis’ response.

I need to do more laundry. I think I’ll do a load of pure whites – although I don’t have any bleach, so that won’t really help, will it?

The kids have been behaving reasonably well today, playing and using their imagination all day. Right now CootieGirl is a cat and is chasing CootieBoy around the house. And earlier they were playing High School Musical (CB was Troy and CG was Troy’s Mom – she was bossing him around). Other than VeggieTales this morning they’ve watched no tv which is kind of cool considering it’s Saturday.

This morning my scale REALLY wanted me to show 23 pounds gone, but in the end I had to be honest with myself and record the same weight as yesterday. But those numbers were flipping around quite a bit between the two numbers. So with any luck that’ll happen tomorrow, which means I only need to lose 3 more pounds to meet my goal of losing 6 pounds before my next doctor appointment in 11 days. So far I’ve had about 400 calories today – I’m trying to save them for tonight’s wine tasting party. I won’t be drinking any wine (yuck), but I know the food is going to be good. So I’m hoping I can avoid eating any more food this afternoon so I can enjoy 800-900 calories at the party tonight.

Okay, that’s about it for now. Talk to you later!

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