Not Accomplishing Much

I totally should have had my start date be November 16, not this coming Monday. Oh well. It just means that the weekends are going to be VERY busy now. Things I could have gotten done at my leisure had I given myself an extra week before starting the new job:

1) Finished this freelance project that I’ve been taking forever to do
2) Cleaned the house from top to bottom (I’ve been even more lax than usual since coming back from Virginia two weekends ago)
3) Made the remaining special order baby blankets (I’ve only gotten one out of four done)
4) Put up the beach wall border in CootieGirl’s room

As it is, the only things I’ve gotten done are:
1) Signed the kids up for their new after-school care
2) Hung (hanged?) our new valances in our master bedroom and bathroom

Yesterday I had my medical tests done for the new job (I’ll be working in a healthcare setting, so they required a TB and drug test). Tomorrow I go back so they can look at the TB test, and then Monday is my day-long orientation.

Denis and I went through my information packet that I received. His company is currently doing open enrollment and it’s due Friday, so we compared our plans and determined the cheapest route to go that ensured we were all still insured.

In other news, I signed up for another mystery shopping group and was approved yesterday. This one mainly does gas stations, fast food and restaurants, whereas my original one is almost solely grocery stores. The idea of getting free gas and occasionally treating the kids to free fast food? AWESOME. There are a couple other mystery shopping groups that were recommended to me that I’ll be looking into, and may sign up for if they cover other kinds of industry (hello, book stores!).

This morning the guy I work for a few hours every morning told me that they announced this morning that NC is extended unemployment benefits by another 13 weeks. He told me this news in the hopes that I’d immediately call HR of the new place and tell them I changed my mind. *lol* Because the added extension means I’d get the additional 13 weeks I just got approved for AND another 13 weeks on top of that. That means that given my freelancing I could probably stretch the 26 weeks into 40 weeks as I did with my initial unemployment. But then I read an article that stated that job seekers would continue to have a rough time until at least mid-2010 and decided I didn’t want to take a chance on refusing this job in hopes of landing something that paid more down the road. Besides, despite the low pay I think this new job is going to be pretty great.

Okay, I’m off to do some transcription. I have 11 tapes and 3 CDs to do. Yikes – that’s a lot.

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