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The writer and photographer from is here for the story. I’ve been chatting with Stuart (from England – nice accent) for the past 30 minutes or so, and now John is here taking photos. The camera is REALLY close (glad I put on a decent makeup job for this one (although right now he’s photographing my hands on the keyboard). I wonder if they think I type fast? Should I tell them I type about 95 WPM?

Okay, they’ve moved the monitor away for the pictures, so I have no idea how well I’m typing now – won’t know when I have typos.

So later today today is the NJ blogmeet in Union, NJ. I’ve gotten a couple comments from Jim and Kate this morning – I’ll have to go see what they say. I’m looking forward to the blogmeet tonight in Union. About 14 people are coming to the event, I think.

CootieGirl is taking a nap right now – she was REALLY moody this morning because she’s tired and scik from her cold. And what sucks more? I’m starting to feel a little sick myself. I’m thisclose to backing out of the blogfest tonight but I REALLY want to go so I’m probably going to take some medicine. Not sure if I’m taking CootieGirl, though. I may call Casey and see if she can babysit her for a couple hours, and I’ll take CootieBoy with me.

Side note: John has hit his head twice on my attic ceiling. It’s a really low ceiling up here and whenever he gets into position to take a picture he manages to hit his head on the ceiling. OUCH! I feel bad about it.

We’re talking about movies. Stuart hasn’t seen Napoleon Dynamite. I told him it sucked and wasn’t worth seeing.

I’ve forgotten what I was saying. I am now typing nonsense.

I have no dea what I’m typing anymore. Seriously. I can’t WAIT ro read this back and see just how much CRAP is on this page now. Now the question – should I actually PUBLISH IT?

CootieGirl is still speeping despite the noise up here. CootieBoy is surprisingly cheerful in his bouncy downstairs watching “Play With Me, Sesame”.

Okay, so I’m still typing because he’s still taking pictures of my typing. Although we’ve been talking more than I’ve been typing, which is why this entry is a complete mess.

Okay, so what now? Oh – I saw the original “Flight in the Phoenix” last night with Jimmy Stewart. I’m definitely going to rent the remake with Dennis Quaid. Or is it Denis Quaid? Does he use two N’s or one? I’m not sure I remember.

Okay, we’re done.

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  1. Napoleon Dynamite?! It didn’t suck…well, not horribly anyway. Mom thought it was pretty hilarious.

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately…I’ve been following the story of the Pontiff at my blog and elsewhere.

    95 words a minute? You beat me by ten words!

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