No Work for the Weary

I’m out of the office today for my latest doctor appointment, but even if I didn’t have the appointment I’m not sure I would have made it in. This weekend was so busy that I’d need the day to recover! Being 33 weeks pregnant means it takes me longer to recover from going up the stairs much less a long holiday weekend!

We did a bit of everything this past weekend. Some poker playing at Rob ‘n’ Tina’s in the city (Tina took the lion’s share – $115, whereas Denis was second and I was third to go third this time around). There apartment is on the upper east side and very cool – they are on the 16th floor and have this HUGE balcony which is where we all ate dinner and played cards – it was so nice to have a cool breeze and NO BUGS while sitting out there all night.

We also watched a movie – The Station Agent – which Denis slept through (he sleeps through EVERY movie though), and I really enjoyed. I just liked the way Fin’s new neighbors refused to let him live a hermit life and forced him to experience things, and in turn Fin enabled his new friends to just enjoy the simplicity of reading a book or watching trains from a bench. I very much recommend it!

We also had pool time – we took CootieGirl over to the neighbor’s pool on Sunday and Monday for a dip or two, which she loved. My goal is to have that girl “swimming” like a pro by the time I go into labor. We put floaters on her arms and she was pretty good floating around the pool – she only dipped her face below water a couple times (by accident), taking in water, but other than a couple coughs she never panicked, which was awesome. On Sunday I dunked her twice (don’t worry, I go under with her), and yesterday I dunked her once. On yesterday’s dunk she took in water, but so did I, so we were both coughing for a minute after coming back up out of the water. *lol*

We also finally managed to hang the valances that my mom brought up a couple weeks ago. They look fabulous and really finish off the room – the living room is finally COMPLETE! After being in the house for 3 years! YAY! Next up is Denis’ bathroom – I think I’m going to go to Target this afternoon after my doctor appointment and see if they have curtains that match the towels and carpet I just got – I was also heading over there to find some small prints to hang in that bathroom. Then my afternoon will be spent painting the cabinet and mirror in there. Once that’s done, we’ll have another room all done at a reasonable price! Gotta love that! Then after my sister comes with the curtains for the sunroom I’ll do that room, although I’ll probably wait and do that room after the baby comes.

I think that’s it for now – more later, I’m sure!

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  1. I’m not bringing the sunroom curtains, I’m bringing the throw pillows for the LR and the chair cushions for the DR and the valance for the kitchen. All beautiful, btw. I love the fabrics you chose. I’m also bringing a swatch of the sunroom fabric for you to use while selecting a paint color – Mom and I have ideas on that, of course. =)

    I’m so glad you liked The Station Agent – you do realize that Jared and I both liked it? 😉

    Poker – if we do play with the fellas, then it needs to be cheap betting b/c I’m poor, remember. 😆

  2. My busy weekend was spent in front of the sewing machine! Sorry to disappoint you, but Jen is not bringing the sunroom valances. They won’t be done until August. Instead, she is bringing three sofa pillows, a valance for your kitchen, cushions for the theatre bench and six cushions for the dining room. Hope you like. If you get the sunroom painted before August, then I can install the valances when I get there for CootieBoy’s birth.

  3. No worries about being poor Jen. We are all poor! We usually don’t play for money when we go over and play at Jane & D’s house. We usually use that time for Practice. Maybe Jaynee will whip out the “see through cards” we bought them yesterday. They Rock!

    Marmie: (can I call you that?) I just wanted to tell you that the Valances in the Living room look outstanding. You did a lovely job.

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