No Such Luck

So Smarty Jones didn’t win. And Eddington wasn’t in second place. And Mare-Bear bet $9 WPS on Birdstone and won $106.60. She did it because I mentioned Birdstone as an outside chance given that he’s a NY horse that has run at Belmont a lot and is familiar with the track. Despite trying to sway her AWAY from betting on the long-shot, she went ahead and bet $3 WPS ($3 for each place, totalling $9). Figures she’d win. Turns out I’m good at picking the ALMOST winners, but not the ACTUAL winners.

What sucked about Belmont was that my three horses were IN THE LEAD for about half the race – the middle half. Then Birdstone came out of nowhere and took out Eddington, then he Rock Hard Ten, and then Royal Assault came out of nowhere and passed those two as well to finish at third.

I felt bad for Birdstone’s owner – she was obviously upset that Smarty didn’t get the Triple Crown for the fans in attendance, and felt guilty about her horse winning. She looked like she was about to cry – and not in a good way.

So Mare-Bear is the talk of the office now. *lol*

Correction: Mare-Bear actually won $137 – she came back from OTB a while ago with that pleasant surprise!

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