No Sleep

So I ended up getting no sleep at all last night. At 3:30 a.m. I took my temp again and it had peaked at 101.5. I went into the tv room and watched tv until 6 a.m. – drifted in and out of consciousness. One funny programming note: They aired the Jump the Shark episode of “Happy Days” at 4 a.m. on TV Land.

I got back into bed around 6:15 a.m. and sleep for 30 minutes before CootieBoy woke up for the day. At 7:10 a.m. I got out of bed and all but ran to take a hot shower – I had had goosebumps all night long and desperately wanted to feel WARM. However, despite having next to no cold water on during my shower I still managed to shiver and shake through the whole thing. So disappointing.

I waffled about coming in to work and opted to come in for half a day. I’m too new to start calling in sick now. I stopped in at HR on my way to my desk and asked about the procedure for leaving early with regard to my timesheet (that whole unpaid time off thing). She seemed to think I’d be able to borrow against next year which would be nice.

I’m going to go down to Mr. Professor’s office and tell him I’m only here until noon or so. My temp on the way into the office was 100.9 (yes, I brought the thermometer with me – I didn’t know if the office had one).

Update at 9:23 a.m.: Mr. Professor told me I shouldn’t have talked to HR about going home – he said that just by coming in I would not have had to put down any time off because he would have sent me home, which is different than calling in. Oh well – next time, right?

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