No Sleep For The Weary

It’s been two nights now that Denis and I have basically had little to no sleep. CootieBoy has had a fever the past two days and it has taken a toll on his sleep patterns.

Sunday night he was up the whole night because he was so congested that he couldn’t sleep. Therefore Denis and I couldn’t sleep.

Last night he woke up at 3 a.m. and proceeded to cry and wail for about an hour. We finally set up Baby Einstein on our tv in our room and let him watch that in a sleep-deprived coma until he passed out after having a bottle.

I woke up promptly at 6:30 a.m. this morning, got ready for work and snuck out of the house while the rest of the family slept. Denis was able to get them to daycare today so maybe he’ll get to catch a nap this afternoon sometime.

As for me, I came to the office today and found a gazillion emails in my inbox from my bosses with lots of little timeconsuming tasks they needed done. I got here early since I left the house about 15 minutes earlier than usual. So I got a lot done from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. Still a few more to do and then I can start working on my


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  1. I’d like to nap, but I have a feeling, I won’t. Maybe I’ll try later. Still have lots to do today. Hope you don’t nod off at your desk. Dont’ worry CootieBoy won’t be sick forever.

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  1. Is it me, or does it seem that ever since we moved to MT we have been getting less traffic? Where did everybody go? I promise, we’ll get rid of the green soon!

  2. I’m back!! Oh, good, so glad the green is going to go. It isn’t like eye candy to my eyes. The other wallpaper had more appeal. But the old would really look terrific as the background for Cootiepie.

    Put on some really good music to help motivate you to get your work done, that way you will stay standing, which will help with your sleepiness, and is better than sitting to watch TV. 😉

  3. No, the Cootiehog visitors have lessened because American Idol is no longer on – you have to remember that a good 75% of our regulars come here specifically for that topic. The rest come for the chips and dip.

  4. I think the green should go as well if you care about my opinion. I understand the creative juices need to get going with the move first. I’m struggling with a look for mine as well.

    I think you’re probably correct in the AI factor of your visitors or lack there of. I think there’s a slow-down in the blogosphere a bit too maybe? I’ve noticed that there are several bloggers who aren’t posting as much these days. Summer approaches…

  5. Notice that this comment thread is ALL relative…

    I can’t WAIT til American Idol is back on. Either that or I really need to start indepth discussions of The Amazing Race 4, which got it’s highest ratings last week since season one.

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