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This morning I attempted to log in to T-Mobile to check my email and discovered that my account was no longer active. Called Denis’ cell and got a message saying “User has not set up mailbox”. So T-Mobile cancelled our account even though WE have not cancelled it. I guess Cingular made them cancel since the new cell phones are being delivered today. I had hoped to keep T-Mobile long enough to get the new phones charged and ready and THEN planned on calling to cancel our T-Mobile service. Guess it doesn’t work that way.

Tonight I plan on bluetoothing all of the stuff from my phone to the computer and then will bluetooth everything onto the new phone.

What sucks is that Denis’ clients won’t be able to call him today unless they call his office and get him there. Hopefully the fedex package with our phones will be delivered this morning and maybe Denis can get his phone up and running with voicemail.

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