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I was about to go to bed and realized I never posted at all today! Whoops!

I went into work early at the behest of my boss. In turn, I got to leave early although I ended up only leaving about 10 minutes early when all was said and done. Oh well.

Denis had a vacation day today and wrapped some Christmas presents, took his car in for a checkup and I don’t know what else. He said he didn’t get much done. But isn’t that what vacation days are for? Relaxing?

We played CandyLand with the kids before they went to bed. They cheat. And think nothing of it. CootieBoy cheated and both Denis and I lectured him on the importance of NOT cheating and he began crying. But when we said we’d either PLAY HONESTLY or GO TO BED he stopped cheating. His sister on the other hand…cheated a few minutes later when we played a quick round of the marble game Kerplunk. *sigh*

I’m off to bed now. I’d just like to say that Zachary Levi (from the tv show “Chuck”) just might become one of my top five fake boyfriends if he doesn’t stop being so dang cute. And “Heroes” just blew this season, didn’t it? Glad that’s over for the next few weeks.

Okay. I’m off. G’night!

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