No Posting Today!

Sorry I didn’t post at all today. I was really busy today with various projects and only sporadically made it online.

This is post #2200 here at Cootiehog. It takes FOREVER to rebuild files now when the need arises (as it did when I started the new category a couple days ago).

At this time tomorrow Denis and I will be heading to the airport to catch our flight to Charlotte. WOO HOOO!!! I can’t wait to see the land we’re buying and walk around. Closing is still scheduled for Monday.

I think that’s about it. I’ll be leaving for home in about 10 minutes or so. A&A are coming over to hang out tonight so I’ll have to run a swiffer across our floors before they arrive. I also need to make the adjustments to the kitchen layout in the post below.

You realize that I’ll be EVEN MORE OBSESSED with the floorplan once I actually see the land, right? It’s gonna be AWESOME.

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No Posting Today

I won’t be posting today – sick child and no sleep combines into no work. Have a great day, everyone!

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