No Nap For Me

I was hoping to get a nap today while the kiddies were sleeping but one of my children (pointed glance at Infant Son) decided he absolutely didn’t want to take a nap today. So while Toddler Daughter slept the afternoon away (lucky girl), I got to attempt keeping Infant Son entertained while Denis was off doing real estate stuff. 😥

I just gave him a little bit of a bottle and he passed out. :sleeping: Figures he passes out at 4:30 p.m. – just three hours before his bedtime! I’m going to let him sleep for an hour and then I’m waking him up until 8 p.m. Why should HE have all the fun?

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  1. It sure would be nice if you had a playpen so you could plop him in there to stay safely entertained for a while so you can rest (close by) or do other things. Don’t know how you manage without one ~ you played for good, long periods in yours.

    Man, too many smilies to choose from…

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