No More Work Talk – Almost

I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to talk about work on this blog. I went back and reviewed some of my posts from the past couple months and it just became obvious that it’s in my best interest not to talk about work. As such, I’ve installed a plugin that allows me to completely hide the two categories I set up to discuss my last two jobs. There are still a few random posts out there that will mention my boss’s nickname, but 99.9% of the posts about the NC job and my NJ job are completely gone.

I WILL talk about the general job SEARCH that I am now undergoing, but I’m resolved that if I DO find employment in the future, I won’t talk about the job at all on this blog.

As such, today I met with a recruiter about possible employment. I was VERY honest with her about my requirements – I’m not really eager to return to secretarial work in a law firm, although if it’s in the area of law I worked in and is a small firm, I would do it. I told her that what I really wanted to get back into was word processing at a larger firm, possibly 2nd (4p-12a) or 3rd shift (12a-8a). This way, I could still be a stay-at-home mom which would alleviate the need for full time daycare – we’d only need a sitter from 3:30p-5:30p in the afternoons, or 7:00a-8:30a in the mornings. The recruiter was encouraged by that, saying that those shifts were generally harder to fill, so if something came up she’d call me right away.

I thought about getting into third shift work a long time ago, but never did it. The first few months would be tough because CootieBoy would still be home during the day, but once August rolls around it would be ideal because I could sleep while the kids are at school, spend the afternoon and evening with them and Denis, and then go to work when Denis heads to bed for the night. I’d still get quality time with the family AND would be bringing in an income that isn’t sacrificed to the daycare. If I’m able to get this shift before CB starts kindergarten, I would sleep during the evening once Denis gets home from work.

So that’s where I am. A lot of folks have come to me with phone numbers and links to various job placement folks – and I plan on contacting all of them over the next couple of weeks. Yes, I still want to be a stay-at-home mom, but if I can figure out a way to be with the kids AND earn money to help with bills, I plan on doing that.

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  1. I wish you the best of luck during your job search…it would be so awesome if you got a job that would work where you didn’t have to do daycare…and maybe even get some kind of shift differential if you work an off shift:)
    I can’t get over all of the layoffs lately…its so sad….we are losing 50 this week at my work…and my friend’s husband was just laid off this morning.

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