No More Of That, Please

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve had someone commenting here who was providing real comments, but the email and links they put in was to a business. Each time they commented they’d use a different link to another page on the site – either a contest page, or a product page. Because the comments were legitimate (i.e., they weren’t auto-generated, always came from the same IP address, and always specifically addressed whatever post to which it was related), I let the comments remain, but emailed the person to let them know that 1) they needed to use a real name, not the company name, as their “persona”, and that 2) posting links to the website was no longer acceptable because it was SEO spam.

Today another comment was posted – using the company name as the persona and a contest link. As such, that person/spammer has been blacklisted and is no longer allowed to comment here.

It’s a shame – the comments they made were good comments. However, I hate spam more than I love good comments. So that person will get quite a surprise when they come back and try to comment next time around. But they should have read my email, and known I was serious.

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