No More Johnny Depp Movies for Me

According to an article I just read on Yahoo News:

“Johnny Depp Likens U.S. to ‘Dumb Puppy'”

“American actor Johnny Depp likened his native country to a “dumb puppy that has big teeth” in an interview published Wednesday, ridiculing Washington’s confrontation with France, where he lives, over the war in Iraq.”

It goes on to say:

“Depp said he wanted his two children, ages 1 and 4, to experience the United States ‘like it’s a kind a toy ? a broken toy maybe. Investigate a little bit, check it out, get this feeling and then get out.'”

No more Johnny Depp movies for me and I say if you care anything about this country you’ll boycott his skinny a** too. This is what comes out when you don’t get enough sleep. Thanks CootieGirl. *lol*

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  1. Yeah, he can keep his France and his skinny a**. I know, ya’ll are shocked – out of Marmie’s mouth…

  2. Yes – I read this when I got into the office this morning and was quite surprised too. Sully and I also watched Pirates this weekend and we enjoyed Depp’s character a lot.
    If we only knew *lol* !!

    And Vanessa P. …. She can’t sing.

  3. Noooo. No body piercing for me – or CootieGirl, please. I have also been known to utter “cr*p” on occasion.

  4. It’s a long way from crap to a$$. :rotfl: I think the a$$ may be my fault, I’ve used it in her presence a bit lately. :sheepish grin:

    If I stopped watching every celebrity that I disagreed with on moral, religious, political, or other grounds I would have nothing to watch. He can say what he wants, he just looks/sounds like a dumba$$ for saying it.

  5. It’s taken me 30 years to say cr*p rather than the other word. Now I’m more likely to say “well spit !” with the last word drawn out into two syllables, as in “spee at”.

  6. I think Deep can say what he wants as we live in a world where we can express what we feel. He did the right thing.

  7. Depp can say whatever he wants and so can I. And all of us who disagree with him don’t have to see his movies either. Didn’t he learn anything from the Dixie Chicks? And he back peddled very quickly from his comments. So much for sticking to what you believe in. Now I think he’s even more of a jerk.

  8. you are so stupid. i hate it when people take actors personalities and views like this. what they feel doesnt matter, when it comes to movies its just the role they play you enjoy not them.

  9. Hey,
    USA, the contry where the freedom of speech is on the constitution… and where no one can criticize the monkey who governs you? Well, let’s see how much freedom you’ll have with the USA Patriot Act ( ‘Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act’…lol, nice definition)
    I pity actors, singers and other ‘stars’ that are afraid to say anything against G.W. Bush because they’ll lose money and some stupid fans… But what about the other regular citizens who are against the President foreign policy?
    The dictionary definition of patriotism is “devoted love, support and defense of one’s country.” But Patriotism has historically served as a benign umbrella for angry (stupid) people. And telling a countryman to shut up if you don’t like he’s opinions does not honor the spirit of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. It insults it.

  10. True, it is nice that Mr. Deep can say what he wants. That freedom was paved with the blood of his fore fathers. If he thinks that American is just a “stupid toy” maybe he should stay in France where the people are rude and nasty. Talk about a country that is self-senterd, have you ever been to France? Deep had better open his eyes and realize who pays his bills and who has made him famous.

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  12. He has the fredom of speech like the rest of us and if you don’t think he has a right to say what he did than you have no right to your freedom of speech either.Everyone has their opinion. He expressed his and thats fine with me. He is a great actor and I’ll still go to see his movies.

    Johnny is the best.
    Go Johnny Go!!!

  13. Denis, you need to shut up and let deep just say what he wants, because he has that right. Matter of fact i agree with him ever because ever since we got bush as a president America has been acting like A dumb puppy with big teeth. So unless you’ve got a good reason why he souldn’t say that or anything else just be quiet.

  14. Hello…..Any news of Johnny Deep….e-mail me…have pics of him …send me too!! can anione tell me what other movies did he act too!!?? ThanNKS

  15. johnny deep es uno de mis chicos preferidos, desde luego menuda es la madre que lo pario, mi deseo y el de mi amiga cris conocerte y verte en persona, te queremos mucho…Muaaaaaaakkkkkkk

  16. I’m sorry I can’t answer you all personally, but the comments tend to stress the fact that I don’t believe Depp has the right to say what he wants. Absolutely un-true. I think he can say whatever he wants. This is still America, not France. *lol* But Depp needs to understand where his bread is buttered.

    If he is going to inslut America, and in turn his loyal movie-going audience, he has to realize he needs to suffer the consequences.

    Just like Depp is allowed to say whatever he wants, and so can anyone leaving comments here, so can I. I have voiced my opinion, and I seriously doubt Johnny Depp is going to lose one of his millions of dollars over it.

    I reiterate, you all noticed how Depp quickly retracted what he said. In fact, admitted he never uttered an anti-American sentence. That’s a fella with a good agent. “What are you thinking, Johnny? Do you know who pays your salary? Yes, the American public. Take it all back, and everything should be okay.”

    BTW, if you’ve bothered to read the rest of this blog, you’ll see that I don’t care for George Bush either. And I’m still a loyal American. I like to think that the FBI is monitoring blogs like this for people who defend people like Johnny Depp (and it is spelled DEPP, not DEEP, people) and are on the case looking at other un-American activities by those folks. God Bless America and have a good day.

  17. Depp was just telling it like it is america is a ‘dumb puppy with big teeth’ Depp is lovely keep on making movies honey!

  18. Deeps comments were taken out of contexts. And to say your not going to see anymore movies he makes, is stupid. He’s a great actor, and it shouldn’t matter what his personal life is like, good or bad.
    And I agree with some of the things he’s said. It was stupid for people in this country to try and change the name of French Fries to freedom fries. We have more important things to deal with in this country!!!!!!

  19. Deeps comments were taken out of contexts. And to say your not going to see anymore movies he makes, is stupid. He’s a great actor, and it shouldn’t matter what his personal life is like, good or bad.
    And I agree with some of the things he’s said. It was stupid for people in this country to try and change the name of French Fries to freedom fries. We have more important things to deal with in this country!!!!!!

  20. Let’s not make this into another Dixie Chix type of event. Let people say what they want because thats the type of place the U.S. is and I’m damn proud of it.

  21. vous pensez pas que johnny deep n’a rien avoir avec vos foutus problemes de guerres en amerique?il a son opinion et alors?est ce que c’est la fin du monde?je crois pas,non,alors vous les americains foutez lui la paix,nuance.

  22. I love America too, and he can say whatever he likes. And so can I. All I’m trying to say is think about what you say before you say it. The reason he is able to say the things he said is because he is an American. And if you can’t be an American only when you want to be. You either are or aren’t. And if you are, you take the good with the bad. Even when America acts like a “dumb puppy with big teeth.”

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Johnny. Don’t be that dumb puppy.



  25. Johnny Deep can say and feel what ever he desires. Even if he walks all over everybody in america, fans would still run to see him with his great personality and acting techniques. Act on Johnny! Wee will always adore you. 🙂

  26. dear denis,
    you know what,i do care about this country and guess what else i care about….you’ll never guess….freedom to say what ever the hell you want. if you can’t set aside someone’s personal feelings from their job, which in johnny’s case is to entertain your fat ass, then i think you might have a problem. oh isn’t it funny how you retracted what you said as well. it just cracks me. ha. oh and don’t try at another FAILED attempt at boycotting johnny cause you’ll just fail again. WE ARE NOT SHEEP. god bless america. god bless johnny. god bless the freedom of speech. so there,denis.

  27. i have several points to make on this topic:

    1))) The reason johnny initially moved to france was to live with the mother of his children. he found that he liked the political climate there better and as a MOVIE STAR it was nicer because the paparazzi there don’t care as much about him.

    2))) His statements were translated from English to German and back again which could make the wording slightly harsher than intended.

    3))) Don’t tell me that the media has never twisted or exagerrated the words of someone famous to sell copies.

    4))) His words were not directed at America as a whole, but at the government and current foreign policy. He cleared up any confusion about this in a statement the next day. While some saw this as backpedalling, it was actually a clarification. “I am an American and love my country…it is for this reason i speak candidly and sometimes criticall about it” With some actors, this would seem phony and scripted. From depp though, who doesn’t care at all what you think, i am inclined to believe him.

    5)))I have heard many people say on this topic, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” At first, this may seem reasonable. However, at close examination, this attitude is that of a potential dictatorship. You see, Johnny Depp is not the only one who has benefited from the wealth and freedom of America. While not on the same scale as that of a celebrity, everyone of us has, to some extent, benefited from our country’s basic principles. That being said, all of us average working class citizens (Who have tvs and computers and cars thanks to America)are also bitng the hand that feeds us if we don’t like Bush? Should anyone who does not like our presdient, whether they be a plumber or a celebrity, be deported and shunned? Should every American just keep their mouth shut about their political views and be thankful they don’t live in Rwanda? OF COURSE NOT!! So, who is the real hypocrite here???

    6))) Depp only said that he will not live here until the political climate changes.

    7))) I know that an entertainer’s opinion is no better than ours, but it’s no worse either! Also, Depp wasn’t trying to tell the whole world he was right. he was asked a question and he answered. What was he supposed to say? “No comment. I have too much money to ever have a valid opinion!”

    8))) To add to my above comment, it seems that an entertainer is only stupid and uneducated if they disagree with Dubya. Britney Spears recently said that “we should all go along with our president no matter what he does and just have faith in him”. Talk about uneducated!!! She doesn’t even have an opinion, just listens to whatever Bush says and follows suit. HMMMM…maybe that dumb puppy comment had a bit of truth to it!

    9))) Johnny Depp is an amzing actor- arguably the best of his generation, and i will continue to enjoy his rare talent both in the theater and on DVD/VHS.

    I am open to your views and do mean to offend anyone with my comments. Please respond to this post and tell me what you think on the issue!

  28. Johnny is my hero! He’s a great actor and personaly I see were he’s coming from. Our country’s law system isn’t perfect. (But still, France? Is France really gonna be that much better? I just think it’s funny that he dis’s France in Pirates of the Caribbean). I never see our country as a counrty- I just see it as a place I love to live. And if he doesn’t love to live in America then how can we condem him for chooseing another way of life? I respect him for his choices and wish him the best of luck.

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