No Moon?

So I’ve been surfing a bit and haven’t seen a single photo of the moon from last night’s eclipse. You would think that at least ONE blogger in the sphere would have a picture? Nada. At least none that I have seen. If you’ve seen a great amateur (read: blog) picture, comment and provide us the link.

We walked outside around 9:30 p.m. when the moon was about 1/3rd covered, and then promptly forgot to go out an hour later to see the full eclipse.

I remembered around 11:30 p.m. and ran outside with my camera. Not only was the red sky full of clouds (making the moon unviewable), but I discovered our Christmas lights were on (no, we never took them down because they are rope lights and clear and unvisible unless you are standing right next to our house).

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  1. I think most people were enraptured by the Red Sox winning the World Series. I did take a peek out during a commercial break and the moon was about half covered.

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