No Holiday For Me

Today may be a holiday for some of you – but not for me. I’m here at the office and we’re all atwitter with meetings and such. Traffic was nice and light, which was a treat since for me it’s usually light ANYWAY. But it was even lighter this morning.

As a treat Denis made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese and coconut frosting. I have two left and they went over REALLY well.

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  1. Glad the cupcakes went over well. They are delish. I finally had one. I want to make a mocha flavored cupcake next, but I couldn’t find the marscapone cheese the recipe calls for. I guess under the impending United Socialist States of America regime, I won’t be able to bake cupcakes anymore unless I make enough for everyone in the country. You guys are like Chicken Little. “The sky is falling. The end of life in America as we know it is coming!”

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