No Goop

So I don’t have goop in my eye anymore. But it is still swollen, red, and constantly watering. Fortunately it looks as though I have Allergic Conjunctivitus which is non-contagious, although I admit it also sounds like Viral Conjunctivitus simply because I only have it in one eye. But I read that cold symptoms (which I actually had on Friday) frequently come just before the eye goes red, which is what happened to me. Which means I DIDN’T get pink eye at the campground – it most likely was the middle of last week when I was somehow exposed to an allergen that my body didn’t like.

The swelling has gone down (yesterday morning I looked like I’d been in a fight) but today I’m only wearing eye makeup on the good eye so I look absolutely ridiculous here at work. My bosses haven’t seen me yet since I’ve been holed up in my office.

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