No Day Off For Me

Well, I was hoping to take tomorrow off as a vacation day to celebrate my birthday, but work is just too busy here, what with three of my guys going to a conference on Monday and ALL giving presentations during the event. I’m in Powerpoint Hell this week, and they won’t be done anytime soon, so I told them I’d come in tomorrow. Not too big a deal – I’ll take next Friday off instead and have a nice long weekend just in time for the July 4 long weekend.

In other news, I completed the dvd collection list. It now includes all of our videos as well. Now it’s just a matter of upkeep when we get new things. YAY! If I was really brave I’d attempt to do our CD collection (as I mentioned before – it contains over 1500 cds). But I’m not that brave. Or patient. Or in the mood.

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  1. Wow, impressive work on all the videos!

    You know what would be neat, if there was software that could read the barcodes off CDs, DVDs and videos and automatically enter the information in a database or web page. I wonder if one wrote such a program if you could make any money off of it? Heck, maybe there is one already out there.

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