No Crying In Baseball

Denis talked about this at Cootiepie, but since I can’t get in there right now, I figured I’d talk about it here as well.

Yesterday we spent Father’s Day watching minor league baseball. The NJ Jackals are the local team and I got a bunch of tickets for games throughout the summer and gave them to Denis for his birthday back in April. Yesterday was our first game and as much as I hate baseball, it was pretty fun.

CootieGirl slept through pretty much the whole thing. Which was amazing considering the obnoxiously LOUD woman behind me. And dumb. At one point she yelled out “There’s no crying in baseball!” and was pleased when she announced “That’s from that movie ‘Major League’ with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.”

I cringed. I hate people that don’t know movies but still feel the need to quote them. Her husband tried to correct her, saying, “I don’t think it was ‘Major League’.” She went on, trying to prove it was Julia Roberts, “because the woman had red hair,” and her husband kept trying to convince her it wasn’t ‘Major League’.

Finally, unable to stand it anymore, I turned and said, “You are talking about ‘A League of Their Own’.”

“Oh right!” she cried, “With Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.”

“No, it was Geena Davis.”

“Then who had the red hair?”

“Lori Petty had red hair – she played Geena Davis’ younger sister.”

The woman stared at me, then gushed, “You’re good!”

To myself I said, “That’s because I hate people who are stupid,” but to her I said, “That’s because I love that movie.”

The only bad thing about the game (besides the loud woman behind me): my arms are sunburned – I should have known better and put on the sunblock they were passing out at the game. Who do I think I am?

The Jackals were down by one in the seventh when we left, but apparently they came back and won 7-6 in the ninth inning!

Our next Jackals game is in a couple weeks – it’s a night game during the week, so we don’t have to worry about the sun. And hopefully no loud stupid women.

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  1. SPF-70 for the kid!! Or a big umbrella.

    Thanks for correcting the woman, I would have been disappointed if you let her movie ignorance go unchecked.

  2. You aren’t supposed to put sun block on babies younger than 6 months. The umbrella will have to be our only recourse for now.

  3. Turns out she doesn’t have a sunburn – she’s pale as a ghost today. I think she was just running warm because of the long day in the heat. But on our walk today I could easily see she’s white as a ghost on all exposed areas.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time except for Miss Ignorance behind you. Sheesh, how annoying. J. and I would have felt obliged to correct her as well.

    What a great picture of the 3 of you. CootieGirl is a darling.

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