No Cottage Doubles for Lunch Today

I eat Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles for lunch a few times a week. I started a few months ago when I was trying to shed some pounds. I haven’t lost too much weight, but I’m still eating these dam things. Can I say dam on Cootiehog? Well, there’s a new flavor, Apples and Cinnamon. I was all excited to take my first bite and I tore into the package to find mold. Yuck! Needless to say, yet I’ll say it anyway, no Cottage Doubles for lunch today. Hope the other one I bought that day isn’t spoiled. I called Kraft’s 800 number and will be receiving a coupon for a free Cottage Double. Well, it’s not actually free. I already paid for the product. All I got out of this is having to now spend $8.00 on a sandwich instead of $1.50 for lunch. I’m going to get some dirty dogs from a hot dog street vender instead. Hope there’s no mold on them. I had a bad dog from in front of Yankee Stadium that gave me food poisoning one year. That’s another story. I can also tell you about the spores that exploded in my face from some home-made cornbread that sat on my window sill in tupperware for a few weeks (or was it months?), but I won’t.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your lunch going bad. And yes, you can say “dam” AND “damn” on this website. Shocker!

  2. Ace, a dirty dog is the hot dogs they sell from the push carts. They sit in foul dirty water all day long; hence, the term, dirty dog.

    Kate, I made a loaf of cornbread for the future use in making my own cornbread stuffing. I placed the cornbread in a tupperware container to let it sit for a day or two. Well, I never made the cornbread stuffing but I let the cornbread sit on the window sill in the sun for weeks. I kept wanting to empty the container out, but never got around to it. It became part of the furniture.

    Then one day I finally decided, “Clean up time!” I popped the lid off the container while I was over the sink and the contents exploded in my face. I tried to duck, but I wasn’t fast enough. The heat of the sun and the tightness of the lid caused the cornbread to grow into supermold or something like that. I still think any snoring or sinus problems I have are related to that event. Don’t worry, Jane, I threw that container right in the trash.

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