No Charge

I forgot to plug in my cellphone last night and also forgot to put my charger back in my purse which means my cellphone is DEAD today. No power. Nada. Zilch.

Our old daycare that CootieGirl went to for the first 16 months of her life keeps calling us. It’s bordering on stalking. I know they loved CootieGirl there, but c’mon – the relationship is over. Move on.

Denis and I are in the midst of planning our 2005 vacation – we’re thinking either Chicago or Sante Fe/Alburquerque. I’ll know more in a few weeks once our timeshare purchase is finalized.

Cute Admin here at my company turned in her notice this week. She used to be a flight attendant and was put on hold a couple years ago and became an admin. But she’s been waiting for the airline to call her back and they finally did – she goes back to the skies in February. It’s a shame – I really like her and she will be greatly missed around here. The analysts love her because she likes to hang out with them afterhours.

I also got word that they are letting go the long-term temp that we’ve had here for over a year. She was on maternity leave the same time as me and I guess they discovered during those three months that they don’t really need her after all. It’s a shame to be let go like that, but she wanted to be at home with her baby anyway, so it’ll all work out okay in the end.

Tonight is Lost and Alias! WOO HOOOO!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi, my name is Liz and I’m a recovering lurkaholic and dork.

    I love your blog.

    Come visit my January 5th post and be a part of De-Lurking Day!

  2. Oooo Chicago!

    That is one of my top 10 cities that I want to visit. I hate flying through O’hare airport, but would love to spend some time there. Let me know which one you pick and I can get all green with envy.

  3. Hope it’s Chicago. I loved the city when I was there years ago. Santa Fe can keep. I’m sure that would be a more relaxing vacation.

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