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Thank God. Thank God, America finally voted correctly. We have a great final two: Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini. Last night when I got home from work I watched the performances from Tuesday night, and I agree that Kelly is the best performer on that show. She’s simply outstanding, and I loved both her songs. Nikki did a nice job, but nice isn’t good enough.

So finally she was booted last night. Maybe this means people will stop searching on Google for “Nikki+McKibbin+stripper” and coming here simply because I talked about American Idol and stripping wallpaper off my bedrooms walls.

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  1. Amen, my sister! I was worried that Kelly might get the boot b/c of the weird Nikki thing. Finally America got it right…

    Now I’m totally bummin’ that I’ll be trapped in some barracks facility for my training next week and not able to get to a TV. I might have to venture out to a bar or some other place that has TVs. *sigh*

    And let me say that I was impressed that Simon was so encouraging to Nikki last night. He didn’t have to be nice enough to remind her that she came in an amazing 3rd place out of 10,000.

  2. Jen if you can find a bar where they are watching American Idol I will be so impressed!!! Why do I shake my fist at this show when the whole damn world is watching it? See what happens when J & D move from down the hallway? I lose touch with reality TV!!!

  3. Well, it turns out I’m not going to Georgia for the training next week after all. So I won’t have to troll bars looking for American Idol! *laugh*

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