Night To Myself

Tonight Denis is out with his buddies hanging out in Brooklyn, so I’m here left to my own devices. Infant Son has been fussing for the past 90 minutes, so as of 9 p.m. I have yet to 1) have dinner or 2) relax in any way.

But now that he is asleep, along with Toddler Daughter, I plan on going downstairs, getting a bowl of cereal, and watching “Celebrity Poker Showdown” that I Tivo’ed on this past Sunday night. I plan on learning a new move to use to my advantage tomorrow night at Ace & Anthony’s poker night.

Side note: I just accidently bit down on my tongue really hard and I taste blood. Is that bad?

Another side note: I just saw that I’m ranked #6 in the Blog Explosion Top 10. I know it won’t last, but it’s thrilling nonetheless! Thanks everyone!

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  1. How old is your baby. I just had my baby last week. I have to hold her or she starts fussing! I had cereal for dinner also! I made dinner but didn’t have the time to eat!

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