Nice Weekend

I had a great weekend, folks. I know that’s no big deal, but it was to me. What with the Buffy party last weekend and our New Orleans trip coming this next weekend, I was in major need of a relaxing weekend. And I got it.

I did nothing. And when I say nothing, I’m not exaggerating. The most active thing I did was get off my butt and go to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with Denis, which was great. The rest of my time was spent intermittently on the sofa, in the kitchen, or in bed. It was glorious.

The cable guy came on Saturday and set up cable in our attic. We now have Direct TV on two floors and cable on the third. We only got cable because (believe it or not) it was cheaper to have our computer connection and basic cable than just the computer connection. We know it’s just a way for Comcast to now call us for the premium channels, but as long as we keep saying “no thanks” we’ll enjoy cable in the attic.

This weekend Cooper destroyed my new clematis vine that I recently bought online. I stupidly thought Cooper would leave the potted plants alone when I placed them on the deck to keep in the shade. Within 10 minutes he had pulled the vine from it’s roots and destroyed the container. I was NOT happy. But I planted the thing anyway, and hope it survives and makes new roots. We’ll see. Tonight I’ll plant the lilac bush and the delphiniums. Then I have to split the miscanthus grass and get that going. Gardening is starting to be annoying – at least, when your dog destroys your hard work it hardly seems worth it. Luckily he hasn’t destroyed too much other than digging up bulbs and chewing flowers. If he ran roughshod through my flowers I’d put the big hurt on him – I’d make him take a bath.

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  1. Sounds like we’re going to have concrete in the backyard soon. Jane is finally starting to feel what I feel when it comes to Cooper and gardening. Don’t mix. Our backyard looks horrible.

  2. I never said our backyard looks horrible, and I don’t feel that way. It’s just not pristine. That’s no big deal. I don’t strive to have a perfect astro-turf type lawn that has no personality.

  3. I strive for perfection, and take whatever comes closest to it. If this is the closest we’re going to get because we have a dog, so be it. There’s plenty of cement on the sidewalk for me to troll.

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