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I got a lot of compliments on my glasses while we were in New Jersey and New York this past week. I had forgotten that I got them AFTER I moved, so they were “new” to all the folks we visited even though I consider them to be old. I paid $100 for two pairs a couple years ago, but that was before I found out about ZenniOptical. ZenniOptical offers them for as low as $8.00 a pair if you supply the prescription. HELLO!!

One thing I noticed during our trip was that I REALLY need to get some prescription sunglasses. I had such a headache at the times we were driving into the sun, or experienced heavy sun glare all around us. I would put on my baseball cap and set it really low on my head to try to alleviate the glare, but sometimes even that wasn’t good enough. ZenniOptical will add tinting up to 80% for just under $5. I like the idea of getting prescription sunglasses for about $15 (that’s what the pair on the left would cost me as prescription sunglasses). The frames are basically the same color as I currently wear (Zenni lists this pair in their Holiday frames category since they are red), but I’d have them be heavily tinted.

I’ll probably order after the new year. Our property taxes are due January 15. So once that’s paid off, I can see splurging a bit on some nice new funky sunglasses for dirt cheap prices.

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